X4 OVC Coils by Atom Vapes

Atom Vapes

SKU: asp-ovc-0.3-coil

COMPATABILITY: Aspire Atlantis, Atlantis 2, Atlantis Mega, Aspire Triton and Herakles tanks.

The gClapton Gold Plated OVC Sub-Ohm coils are a revolutionary new way to experience your Aspire Atlantis and Triton, Sense Herakles, Kanger SubTanks, and Horizon Arctic Sub-Ohm Tanks, featuring a vertical clapton coil structure made utilizing Nichrome alongside careful consideration in coil diameter, high conductivity with gold contact plating on every coil, and pure organic cotton wicking, all of which combine for an incredible flavor experience and vapor output. Designed in Holland and engineered in the United Kingdom, each gClapton coil features a distinct vertical Clapton coil orientation. This utilization of this wrapping method increases liquid to heating element contact, while creating a unique heating pattern that vaporizes liquid in a distinct manner, creating an overall more flavorful and dense vape. Additionally, Atom Vapes has ensured efficient and effective wicking by integrating enlarged wicking ports, and has also taken consideration to improving upon conductivity by utilizing 24K Gold Plating on each and every coil. Featuring coils made specifically for Aspire Atlantis and Aspire Triton systems, the Sense Herakles (Also compatible with SauceCode Tank), the Kanger SubTank series and the Horizon Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank, the gClapton Gold Plated OVC Sub-Ohm coils are ready to be integrated into many of the most popular Sub-Ohm tanks in the market and offer users a method to revolutionize their favorite systems.