TFV12 Prince Coils by Smok


SKU: tfv12-prince-q4-coil

TFV12 Prince Coils are the current pinnacle in atomizer technology in terms of sheer coil numbers. No matter which coil you prefer, these coils all have improved atomization efficiency and are compatible with most high wattage output mods.

PRINCE-Q4 Specifications:

  • Quadruple Coil (Four Coils)
  • 40W - 100W / Best: 60W - 80W
  • 0.4Ω

PRINCE-T10 Specifications:

  • Decuple Coil (Ten Coils)
  • 60W - 120W / Best: 80W - 110W
  • 0.12Ω

 V12-M4 Specifications:

  • Quadruple Coil (Four Coils)
  • 30W - 70W / Best: 40W - 60W
  • 0.17Ω

V12-X6 Specifications:

  • Sextuple Coil (Six Coils)
  • 50W - 120W / Best: 80W - 100W
  • 0.15Ω

V12-MESH Specifications:

  • Compared with the traditional coil, TFV12 Prince mesh coil has a wide heating area, which can heat evenly and absorb e-liquid effectively, and it ensures preferable flavor and huge vapor.

V12-MAX MESH Specifications:

  • 0.17 ohm dual mesh coils

  • Rated for 80w-130w (best at 90w-110w)

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Larger heating area and faster heating speed
  • Kanthal Mesh Material
  • 100% Organic Japanese Cotton
  • Vertical Mesh Coil Design